Dr. Jordal works with people in relationships that don’t necessarily fit the typical family therapy model focusing on marriage and a heterosexual couple.

Dr. Jordal is a leader in MFT for the LGBQTIA community.

Dr. Jordal works with people living in a polyamorous relationship which he explains presents its own challenges.

In any relationship, he sees familiar themes which are not applied in the same manner for every type of couple.



Mutual trust, or compromised trust.

Learning how to communicate honestly for a stronger relationship or, learning to weather consequences with support.

Families struggling to maintain a relationship under social stressors including discrimination.



American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists

Dr. Jordal is a Certified Sex Therapist.  The AASECT explains more about sex therapy: “Sex therapists work with sexual concerns, including, but not limited to: sexual function and dysfunction; sexual pleasure; sexual variation; sexuality and disability; sexuality and chronic illness; sexual development across the lifespan; sexual abuse, assault, and coercion; and sexuality across cultures, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues.”


“…ethical non-monogamy is healthy and sustainable, but it’s not for everyone,” says Christian Jordal, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist based in Pennsylvania. “It ultimately takes a level of intentionality and proactivity. You have to be willing to continually check in with yourself and how you’re feeling, what you need, and to communicate it with your partner.” Christian Jordal, PhD interviewed for Men’s Health ”  Megan Drillinger, “Is Polyamory Right for You? We Asked 4 People What It’s Like to be Non-Monogamous (2017)